Splash Zone Policies & Rules

General Facility Policies

  • Children must be supervised at all times.
  • Children 13 and under must be accompanied by and adult or a responsible person 16 years of age or older.
  • Infants and toddlers are required to wear swim diapers per The Center for Disease Control (CDC) Recommendations. NO changing diapers on pool deck. Changing tables are available in both the men’s and women’s changing rooms as well as the 2 family restrooms.
  • Splash Zone will follow the CDC guidelines for fecal incidents, which may include the closure of the pool.
  • Proper swim attire required. NO cutoff shorts, jeans, ect. Shirts made of swimsuit material are permitted.
  • Chairs are first come first serve. Guests are encouraged to bring own lounge chairs.
  • NO COOLERS or OUTSIDE FOOD permitted to be brought into the facility. Splash Zone reserves the right to inspect all bags being brought into the facility. Guest may picnic at the tables outside the facility. Be sure to have your hand stamped for re-entery.
  • NO smoking within the facility. If you leave the facility to smoke, be sure to have your hand stamped.
  • NO RUNNING and NO horseplay
  • Breath-holding or prolonged underwater swimming is not permitted.
  • Spitting, spouting of water, blowing the nose, or otherwise introducing contaminants into the facility water is not permitted.
  • Flotation devices such as swimmies and swimsuits with built in flotation devises must be approved by management. Splash Zone has Coast Guard approved lifejackets for guest to use free of charge. Anyone using a PFD must have a person 16 years of age or older within arms reach at all times and not permitted to go off diving board or down slides.
  • Admission to the facility is refused to all persons having any contagious disease, open wounds or infectious diseases per the Ohio Swimming Pool Code.
  • Admission to the facility is refused to any persons under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Personal music devices must be at a low volume.
  • All spectators must pay full admission price.
  • Splash Zone is not responsible for lost or stolen articles and will not hold any personal property at the guest service area. Pay lockers are available for guests.
  • Obscene language is not permitted or tolerated.
  • Inappropriate clothing or display of unacceptable items will be required to be removed or covered up.
  • All guests are expected to pay attention to the lifeguards and staff.
  • Failure to follow rules can result in serious injury.
  • Splash Zone reserves the right to remove people from the facility or bar from future entry if behavior is deemed to be disruptive to the public use of the facility.

Pool Closing and Weather Policy

NTPRD / Splash Zone, at is sole discretion, reserves the right to not open or close Splash Zone with no refunds due to the patron for the following reasons:

  • Forecasted air temperatures for fitness activities below 65 degrees by 9:00am.
  • Forecasted air temperatures for daily operation below 68 degrees by 12:00pm.
  •  Evening special events or rental decisions will be made by 4:00pm

Inclement weather:
If Splash Zone does not open at 12:00pm due to inclement weather earlier in the day, it will remain closed until 3:00pm. At that time, a decision will be made whether to open facility or stay closed for the remainder of the day.

  • Evening rentals or special events will be determined by 4:00pm.
  • Low attendance of less then 25 patrons during any one-hour period.
  • Patrons will be provided a 1-hour notice that facility will be closing.
  • Water contaminations (i.e. fecal accident, etc.)
  • Maintenance issues

Lightning Policy:

  • When thunder and/or lightning are first noticed, the pool will be evacuated until thirty minutes after the last thunder is heard. If thunder or lightning occurs again within the thirty-minute period, another thirty-minute time limit goes into effect.

Special Features Policies

Diving Board Rules

  • To use the diving board, one must be able to swim to the side of pool on own.
  • Only one person shall be on the board at a time. The next person in line shall wait on the pool deck, not the ladder, until the previous diver has exited the water.
  • Only one bounce may be taken on the diving board before entering the water.
  • Do not run on your approach to the end of the board.
  • Jump or dive straight off the board and not to the side.
  • Exit the water immediately using the ladder closest to the board.
  • Diving or jumping deemed unsafe will not be permitted.
  • Parents are not permitted in the diving well to ‘catch’ their child.

Slide Rules

  • This is a thrill ride not intended for all individuals. WARNING: Thrill rides can cause slight disorientation for some riders.
  • All riders must be at least 48” tall.
  • Maximum rider weight is 300lbs.
  • Riders must enter the slide in a sitting position and wait for instructions from the staff member stationed at the slide starter tub.
  • NO combs or foreign objects are allowed in pockets.
  • NO large jewelry, exposed zippers, buckles, rivets or metal ornamentation permitted. Management staff has final say on approved swimwear on slides.
  • Riders must be in good health. Persons suffering from heart disease, high blood pressure, epilepsy or persons using prescription medication should consult their physician before using slides. Individuals with medical conditions including, but not limited to, pregnancy, heart or back problems should not ride.
  • Rider assumes all risk or injury due to misuse of this ride or failure to follow rules.
  • Bowl Slide – WARNING: Deepwater

Lazy River Rules

  • Riders 36” and under must have on approved lifejacket
  • Riders 48” or less must be accompanied by a person 16 years of age or older.