Park & Trail Alerts

Updated February 7, 2017



Ongoing: Outdoor drinking fountains and restrooms have been shut off for the winter season.

New Reid Park

Ongoing: Ash trees are being removed in the wooded section causing some hiking trails to be temporarily closed.

Old Reid Park    

Ongoing: Brush and honeysuckle work began to clear and reconstruct the pond peninsulas and banks, which will enhance the overall natural landscape and use of the park. Original native tree species and grasses will be planted on the banks to create shade, cool the water and improve the aquatic habitat. The project will create habitat for native waterfowl and deter non-native ducks and geese from congregating along the lagoon banks, which causes overgrazing and erosion.                   

Snyder Park

Ongoing: Installation of the Erie Interceptor Express Sewer is currently underway. Crews are a placing 42″ gravity sewer in Snyder Park. Construction is currently taking place through the middle of the Snyder Park Gardens & Arboretum, under Buck Creek and through the west side of the park. Also, crews are working near US Route 40 and Snyder Park placing the bores under the roadway.  No roads are closed at this time. Please be aware of construction traffic entering and exiting different areas along the construction route. The Snyder Park portion of this project should be complete by May 2017.

Northern Estates


Buck Creek Trail  

Ongoing: Stormwater and sewer infrastructure is being updated on the downtown portion of the trail. The trail will be open during this time but could have construction traffic along the trail between Sherman and Veterans Park.

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