Park & Trail Alerts

Updated April 1, 2020


NTPRD Prairies

Spring Over the next few weeks staff members will be conducting controlled burns in several prairie areas. Prescribed burning of prairie areas is used for a variety of reasons. This practice helps to maintain the health of an existing natural area containing native plants. The fire helps manage weeds and other growth, restores important nutrients to the soil and promotes more desireable plant growth in the future. Temporary park closures may happen during these prescribed burns.


Until Further Notice To protect citizens, employees and minimize the potential transfer of any virus, we are closing our lobby. For assistance, please call (937)328-7275 or email us at Our office hours are from 8:00am-5:00pm, Monday – Friday. We appreciate your understanding. Updates can be found at

Playgrounds, Skate Park, Basketball Courts & Warder Fit Stop

Until Further Notice due to the Stay At Home Order by Governor Dewine and The Ohio Department of Health we are closing our playgrounds & the Warder Fit Stop.

Kirby Preserve at Old Reid Park

Ongoing: Brush and honeysuckle work began to clear and reconstruct the pond peninsulas and banks, which will enhance the overall natural landscape and use of the park. Original native tree species and grasses will be planted on the banks to create shade, cool the water and improve the aquatic habitat. The project will create habitat for native waterfowl and deter non-native ducks and geese from congregating along the lagoon banks, which causes overgrazing and erosion.


Northern Estates


No alerts at this time.