Park & Trail Alerts

Updated September 10, 2019


Rebert Pike Nature Park

August 2, 2019 – August 23, 2019 Rebert Pike in Springfield Twp. between Innisfallen Avenue and West Possum Road will be closed Monday due to a Bridge Work project. You can access the Rebert Pike Nature Park if you enter off of Innisfallen Ave.

Old Reid Park    

Ongoing: Brush and honeysuckle work began to clear and reconstruct the pond peninsulas and banks, which will enhance the overall natural landscape and use of the park. Original native tree species and grasses will be planted on the banks to create shade, cool the water and improve the aquatic habitat. The project will create habitat for native waterfowl and deter non-native ducks and geese from congregating along the lagoon banks, which causes overgrazing and erosion.


Northern Estates


Simon Kenton Trail

The crossing at Red Coach is closed for repaving. This repaving project is only esitmated to take a few days.