Snyder Park Speedway Children’s Park

The newest additions to Snyder Park’s facilities serve as a testament to the civic spirit and selfless service of the volunteers, residents and businesses that make Clark County vibrant. The Speedway Children’s Park came about through a community-wide effort in the spring of 2014 to revitalize the playground area of Snyder Park.

Thanks to the Springfield Rotary Club, Friends of Snyder Park, and Speedway employees, over $1 million was raised to add an ADA-compliant playground and spray ground to Snyder Park. This means the play areas and equipment are easily accessible to children of all abilities

Springfield Rotary Centennial Playground

The Springfield Rotary Club celebrated its 100th year by funding and constructing the first playground of its kind in Clark County. The ADA-Accessible playground is designed to be shared by children with and without disabilities. Amenities like wheelchair-friendly ramps and … create an inclusive, engaging space for every child in the community.

Bethie’s Sprayground

After more than three years of planning and fundraising, the Friends of Snyder Park brought the first water playground of its kind to Snyder Park. Bethie’s Sprayground was named in honor of Bethie Hellmuth, a beloved community member and volunteer who passed away in 2014. The 1,400 square-foot all-access splash pad area features dumping buckets, nozzles and several other water features that eliminate standing water and the risk of drowning, making it the perfectly safe, family-friendly way to beat the heat during the hottest months of the year. Bethie’s Sprayground is ADA-Accessible.

Open daily Memorial Day through mid-September from 8:30 am to 8:30 pm

These upgraded playground features earned National Trail a 2015 Award of Excellence from the Ohio Parks and Recreation Association.