Youth Sports Standards

According to a September 4, 2017, article in Time Magazine, youth sports have become a $15 billion a year industry with some families spending 10% of their yearly income on sports travel, equipment, tournament entry fees, private lessons and more. With that kind of money on the line, it is easy to see how the true customers, the kids, are getting lost. In 2016, Certified Youth Sports Administrators (CYSA) from around the world, including NTPRD staff, gathered at the Youth Sports Congress presented by the National Alliance for Youth Sports (NAYS) to revise and develop the newest edition of the National Standards for Youth Sports. These standards are a blueprint for the ever-changing world of youth sports. The Standards consist of four basic core areas:

• Child Centered Policies and Philosophies
• Volunteers
• Parents
• Safe Playing Environment

NTPRD offers multiple sports throughout the year encouraging kids to try different sports, learn new things, meet new friends and develop a wide range of muscle usage to help prevent over use injuries. We also keep sports affordable and do not require any type of fundraising. No child is ever turned away for the
inability to pay. Coaching our youth is a privilege and one we take very seriously. All volunteer coaches must submit an application, become certified with NAYS coaching, successfully complete a criminal background check and are evaluated throughout the season. Parents are encouraged to support all participants and poor sportsmanship is not tolerated at NTPRD events. Our staff works hard to maintain safe playing fields, courts and play areas. Putting and keeping kids first is truly a team effort from all those involved. By following the National Standards and keeping kids first, NTPRD is not only known as the leader in youth sports locally, but also nationally. In November 2017, NTPRD was awarded the Excellence in Youth Sports award. This award recognizes the top five youth sports agencies across the country and military installations around the world for their commitment to keeping youths sports fun, safe and available to everyone. The NTPRD staff was presented with the award, recognized in national publications and presented certificates for future sporting needs. Although the NTPRD staff was presented the award, we know we cannot do what we do without the support of our community, sponsors, volunteers, parents and most importantly…. THE KIDS!!

Miste Adams, Recreation Superintendent