Free Fitness Fun

PlayCore, the leading company in play and recreation research, programming, and products, recently awarded its Fitness National Demonstration Site™ Award to a brand new outdoor fitness park, Warder Fit Stop, in Springfield, OH. The Warder Fit Stop outdoor fitness park features a cluster arrangement of equipment including a chest press, leg extension, balance board, cardio walker, and several other pieces. The site was designed to encourage the four elements of a well-rounded workout: cardio, muscle, core, and balance/flexibility, and includes adaptive equipment for people, who use mobility devices.

article-3Warder Fit Stop provides an easily accessible and FREE fitness opportunity for the residents of Clark County. The construction of the Warder Fit Stop and this advertisement were funded by a grant secured by the Clark County Combined Health District from the Creating Healthier Communities program through the Ohio Department of Health. It is located at the corner of North Limestone and Warder Street. Come work up a sweat at the Warder Fit Stop!