All Ages
June 29 – Sept. 30 • Snyder Park
July 13 – Sept. 30 • Old Reid Park
July 27 – Sept. 30 • Rebert Pike
Aug. 3 – Sept. 30 • New Reid Park – Canceled
Aug. 24 – Sept. 30 • NTPRD Admin.

Let your imagination run wild as you search the parks for our enchanted forest friends. Check our website for the starting location at each park and search for the five trees that reveal their face to you. Then select one tree that you name and share its backstory. Each photo and backstory counts as an entry in a drawing for prizes, held around Oct. 5.

Snyder Park Location – Large Shelter by the Stone Bridge

Old Reid Park – Search around the Dog Park

Rebert Pike Nature Park – Start at the boardwalk and follow the Great Horned Owl Trail and turn right on Monarch Butterfly Trail.

National Trail Admin. Building – Start at the Admin. Building and work your way back to the annex baseball field.